Small Business Video Marketing

Why video marketing is so important for your small business

Would you like to increase your online visibility? Drive more qualified traffic to your site? Convert more of that traffic into leads and business?

One of the most powerful, effective ways to do that is using video.

YouTube gets over one billion unique viewers every month. You can post video to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog and more, to reach an even wider audience.

Online video can be watched by your potential clients from almost any device these days. Video is the perfect way to warm up new clients to get your face time. In short, they get to know you and feel comfortable with you, before they’ve even met you.

Several reasons small businesses shy away from video marketing:

  • You might not know how to get started or maybe you’re unsure what kind of video would engage your audience.
  • You may not know how to create a powerful script that will educate, empower and entertain your ideal customer.
  • You may not have the experience or equipment.
  • You might now know how to best market your videos, so they get seen by the widest possible audience.

That’s why BusyBoy Productions has teamed up to create a powerful Video Marketing Package, designed specifically for small businesses and professionals looking to grow their business.

video-production-marketingOur video marketing package includes all your video production needs…

  • 1/2 day to develop video concepts, discuss ideas, create storyboards, plan logistics of shoot day, etc.
  • Full day of video production where we film all interviews on location.
  • Full day of post production (editing), basic motion graphics, music is added and final files are delivered

And the digital marketing to support it!

  • Creation and design of YouTube channel
  • Uploading and optimization of all videos
  • Ability to embed in blog posts, upload to Facebook and share on your favorite social channels!

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