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BusyBoy Productions is an experienced production company that specializes in creating highquality infomercials. From concept to completion, their team of experienced professionals can help create an engaging and effective infomercial that will promote your product or service.

We begin the process by having a brainstorming session with the client to determine the product or service that needs to be featured in the infomercial. During this session, they will ask questions about the product and its features to ensure that the infomercial will be engaging and informative. Once the product or service has been identified, the team will develop a creative concept for the infomercial. This concept may include a script, storyboard, and visuals.

Once the concept has been agreed upon, BusyBoy Productions will begin the production process. This process involves recruiting talent, finding a suitable location, and gathering the necessary equipment. The team will also work with the client to create a budget and timeline and ensure that all necessary permits and permissions are obtained.

The filming process typically involves a combination of liveaction footage and animation. The team at BusyBoy Productions will work with the client to ensure that the infomercial follows the agreedupon creative concept. Once the footage has been filmed, the team will begin the editing process. This process involves selecting the best shots and cutting them together to create a cohesive story.

When the editing process is complete, BusyBoy Productions will work with the client to determine the best platform for distributing the infomercial. This may involve airing the infomercial on television, uploading it to streaming sites, or creating a website specifically for the infomercial.

BusyBoy Productions is an experienced production company with a proven track record of creating engaging and effective infomercials. From concept to completion, their team of experienced professionals can help you promote your product or service with an engaging and effective infomercial.

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Jack is one of the hardest working guys in the business. I’d work with him again in a second. Ok, let’s go to work! Ella Reid, Designer/Songwriter/Creative Director


We are so excited to let you know that the Seven Dreams Bird Bash was a huge success – over 475 in attendance and over $50,000 raised for Armstrong and Cooper! Thank you for helping us craft our message and believing in our mission. You’ve helped us these past two years make a huge impact for our students in Robbinsdale Area Schools. Thank You Nichol and Alana

Nichol, Seven Dreams

Jack in my best recommendation is the hardest working, most creative, ever learning of his craft, one man show at times, best leader and one of the best network artists I have ever been honored to meet. Given a chance for one meeting will melt you down into seeing all his talents. Don’t miss this opportunity to have Jack put your enterprise on top of the world. Dirk Cannon, CEO, Eagle Heart Productions

Dirk C, Eagle Heart Productions

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is so beautiful. Words cannot express what this will mean to our donors, supporters and volunteers.. We are so grateful for your talented work! Thank you! Molly Flaig A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation

Molly F, Lung Run

“Jack Paar is a very prolific & exciting person in his work. He keeps the mood light & always manages very well with optimism & diligence.” Shanda Nelson, Graphic Artist, North Woods Advertising

Shanda N, Northwoods Advertising

What talent you show in this amazing video. I am in tears again. Thank you so very much for this beautiful gift! We are deeply appreciative of this work and the impactful memory you created of our biggest ever TC Lung Run/Walk. Thank you! Nancy Torrison A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation

Nancy T, Breathe of Hope

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