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Video Production

Great story telling doesn’t end with the shoot! Some of our clients need entire videos produced – from concept through completion. Minneapolis Corporate Video Production Company, BusyBoy Productions, can handle all of your corporate video needs – from concept & scripting, through shooting, editing and distribution. We bring over twenty years experience in the film and television industry right to the doorstep of your organization, by creating powerful, award-winning videos that deliver results!

Award Winning Videos

Our team of award-winning creative professionals, will work with you, to design a message that effectively tells your story and represents your brand. From the start of pre-production, our team works with you, to create a successful video product. We want to find out exactly what our clients are looking for and then use our skills to deliver a corporate video that meets all of those specifications.

Camera Crews & Camera Operators

BusyBoy Productions is your source for award-winning video production services. BusyBoy is a Minneapolis based video production company specializing in television, TV commercials, safety training videos, medical video production and other corporate video production services. Our in house production crews come fully equipped with extensive production packages in HD and 4K, to take your production from the start to the finish product.

Corporate Video Production

At BusyBoy Productions a corporate video is like a full color brochure that moves and talks. We live in a visual, fast-paced world where people demand entertainment and instant gratification. If a message fails to be communicated in a fast and powerful way, it is lost.

We provide the following corporate video services:

  • Corporate Meetings
  • Industrial Videos
  • Manufacturing Videos
  • Pharmaceutical Videos
  • Employee Training Videos
  • TV Commercials
  • Corporate Event Coverage

With today’s technology, there are opportunities that will give you a great advantage. On your website, there is the option of streaming a whole video, or even a segmented portion specialized for each page. Quality videos will give any website a push towards excellence.

A Corporate Video is most definitely not a frivolous investment. In fact, it can often make or break a company. A poorly delivered message can ruin a important first impression.

BusyBoy was awarded 6 Telly Awards for content we produced and directed, which puts us at about 32 Awards in the last ten years.

At BusyBoy Productions – Your Success is Our Success, and we promise world class Video Production at affordable rates.

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Our AWARD WINNING Corporate Video Production Work

University of Minnesota | Solar Vehicle

Aerospace Engineering – Corporate Video

Cummins | Corporate Video Production

Science & Health | Corporate Video Production

YES 281 | Nonprofit Video Production

TV Commercial Video Production

CHS | Whiting Corporate Video

Elan | US Bank | Corporate Video Production

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The best AWARD WINNING Video Production is provided by BusyBoy Productions.

You could choose any Video Production Company for Corporate VideosVideo Production. Hire AWARD WINNING BusyBoy Productions, best video production company. Call us now to get started (651) 230-4362.

The top 3 reasons you should choose BusyBoy Productions when choosing Video Production Company.

  1. We have the specific experience in all types of video production (corporate video, sales video, training video, live streaming, safety videos, marketing videos, etc.) in our portfolio that you are wanting to produce. Look at our AWARD WINNING video projects.
  2. Hire a video production company that is marketing oriented and understands how to sell your product, how to market online and communicate your message.
  3. BusyBoy Productions is a video production company that cares about the success of your project. We have the integrity to build long-term relationships and go above the call of duty.

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