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Bird Dog Wars – Pursuit Channel

Show Overview
The Bird Dog Wars season starts off at the circuit trigger time major event, with all team points set to zero. Engage in each episode as you root for your favorite teams from across the country to win the most points while hundreds of hopefuls go home empty handed. Watch the best of the best bird dogs rise through the ranks to reach the World Championship Qualifying Tournament. In the season finale, see your favorites compete in the last showdown, the ultimate trophy, and the ultimate title, “Dog of the Year!”
The National Bird Dog Circuit is the host organization for “Bird Dog Wars.” For the past 10 consecutive years, the show has had national distribution through networks such as the Outdoor Channel and the Sportsman’s Channel. For the past three years “Bird Dog Wars” has aired on the top outdoor network, Pursuit Channel.

Big Cat Habitat

For nine generations the Rosaire family has entertained audiences all over the world with their legendary animal acts. From lions and tigers, to bears and chimpanzees, to a famous horse named “Tony the Wonder Horse”, the Rosaires are renowned for their unique and respectful way of training and performing with wild animals.

The Rosaire’s roots are deeply embedded in circus tradition. Their forefathers were court jesters, acrobats and animal trainers who traveled through the villages of Europe captivating audiences with their family side shows and wild animal menageries. However, the circus life of their ancestors is a very different one today.

The Rosaire’s roots are deeply embedded in circus tradition. Their forefathers were court jesters, acrobats and animal trainers who traveled through the villages of Europe captivating audiences with their family side shows and wild animal menageries.

Watch as we follow the family as they rescue ex-circus animals and abused exotic animals and find them a new happy home. This is a family that loves all animals, in fact I believe they love animals more than humans.

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Retail Therapy

It’s Kitchen Nightmares meets Restaurant Impossible meets Bar Rescue meets Retail.

Across America, with the economy hitting them hard, retailers from Mom & Pop Shops to Rodeo Drive LuxuryBoutiques, are closing. Businesses are dying for these entrepreneurs and usually taking their family down with their dreams. What went wrong? Location? Products? Pricing? Merchandising? Branding & Advertising? Store personnel? In store environment? Unfortunately, in most cases, it’s all the above. There is only person who can save these stores and save these dreams…

Tina Wilcox. ABC News dubbed her the “Jane Goodall of American Retailing.” Her client’s call her “The High Priestess of
Retail.” She is one of the foremost creative experts in trend, consumer behavior, product development and all things retail. She has advised more than 250 retail chains including Target, Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, the Limited, ToysRUs, Nordstrom & Best Buy. And, she has handled creative assignments for top Brands including Nike, Disney, Coca Cola and Estee Lauder. With a reputation for bulls-eye insights, quick thinking, humor and no bullshit, she appears regularly on ABC’s Primetime and Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, BBC and even NHK Japan. Each week, Tina will visit a new establishment with a myriad of problems. She will delve deep into the inner workings of each store and explore everything from the wrong product mix to bad fashion tastes to tacky store interiors to off-target branding and advertising to lazy and inexperienced staff, all to diagnose the real problems. Whether she changes the store’s operations, updates the product mix or gives the establishment a complete makeover, Tina will do whatever it takes to try and turn these stores into popular, successful and, most importantly, money-making businesses. It’s up to the store-owners to take her advice and use it, or face closure. Using her internationally recognized expertise and knowledge, Tina will put her name and reputation on the line to bring these stores her own brand of…Retail Therapy.

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Corporatized – Public Education Documentary

“Corporatized” pulls back the curtain on the charade to reveal how big business is doing a devastating disservice to our public school students, and how they are dismantling and destroying the teaching profession in the name of profit.

Each year, over $600 billion of taxpayer money is used to fund the U.S. public education system. In today’s era of privatization, it was only a matter of time before corporate education reformers figured out a way to get at that money.

They didn’t just steal it. These savvy, corporate raiders are too smart for that. What they’ve done is create an elaborate scheme to funnel that money in their direction. The testing mania, brought on by No Child Left Behind, is part of their scheme. Sounds legit, and looks legit to the layman. But, the devastation this is causing to public education may be terminal… if we don’t take measures to stop it.

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The Jack Paar Show

We do weekly videos on tips and tricks for filmmakers and tips for actors. Jack Paar will also be doing interviews with various celebrities, directors, producers, musicians, etc.

About Jack Paar:

His credits span the globe – including Discovery, Animal Planet, FOX, TNT, ABC, McDonalds, ReMax and working with musical acts like Anita Baker, Donna Summer, Kenny Rogers, Maroon 5, Counting Crows and Ringo Starr. Jack Paar, the Executive Producer for BusyBoy Productions, has been in the entertainment business since 1967. He started as a child actor when he was three months old in a television series produced by Aaron Spelling, “The Guns of Will Sonnet”. As a child actor he worked in several big feature films, TV commercials, and television shows such as “Oh God “, “Baretta”, “Emergency”, “Kojak”, “Rockford Files”. At the age of five he became a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Jack later moved to the production side of the business working on major feature films such as Blade, The Mummy, Scorpion King and television shows like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on FOX television. He also had the opportunity to collaborate with world class music acts such as; Ringo Starr, Anita Baker, Donna Summer, The Counting Crows, Maroon 5, Slash, Grand Funk Railroad, Willie Nelson, and Edgar Winter.

Jack later formed BusyBoy Productions. He has expanded his scope to include reality television, advertising, distribution, artist development, and music production. In the last four years he has been involved in television production projects for Discovery Channel, A&E, Animal Planet, VH1, where he has been producing several reality TV show concepts.

Among Us

Set in a quintessential small Wisconsin town with its traditional small town values and conservative beliefs, “AMONG US” is a documentary based on the actual accounts of a family tormented by alien encounters, stalked and harassed by government agents and shunned by members of their community. The events depicted in this action-packed documentary took place in the late summer of 2004. They involve close encounters of the fourth kind and numerous UFO sightings, something straight out of a Steven Spiellberg film!

BusyBoy Productions took on the project in 2008 with complete skepticism, yet became believers after spending night after night recording footage of UFOs and other unknown entities.

This film is packed with actual footage of unknown objects, physical evidence, and witness accounts, including interviews with UFO Director, Sam Maranto, and other top UFO investigators. “AMONG US” will captivate you and might even make you a believer in the unknown.

“AMONG US” is set to be released in 2016 from the Minneapolis Award-Winning Film Production Company, BusyBoy Productions.

Are you ready for their arrival? It has already begun.

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