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Reality TV Production

At the heart of BusyBoy Productions is a simple drive and dedication to produce projects that are both creatively distinctive and commercially rewarding. We take pride in our capacity to produce shows spanning the entire creative spectrum and are committed to making groundbreaking television.

Community Heroes, one of our most notable projects, earned Best Documentary at the New York International Film Festival and have received six TELLY AWARDS for projects we produced and directed. We have expanded into all arenas within the unscripted world to produce shows.

We are currently looking for new ideas for reality television. We also offer video production services to create your show idea and bring it to life. We pitch all show ideas to the top names in the business, like PBS, A&E, Animal Planet, Bravo, HGTV, Discovery, Outdoor Channel, Pursuit…

If you are interested in getting your idea brought to life, and have a reasonable budget, contact us!

Please submit your new show ideas via email at


If you‘re interested in having your own reality show, we recommend taking some time to reflect on why you want to share your story with the world. Once you are confident in your decision, please contact us and we can explain the production process to you.


BusyBoy can produce your show and help with all the additional steps to get it in front of the networks, which we have been doing for the past 20 years. If you have a great idea for a television show, and a reasonable production budget, we can then discuss the options to get your TV show produced.


Our team of creative producers, camera crew, and writers can help turn your idea for a reality show into a reality. We‘ll make sure your project is seen by the right people so that you can gain an acquisition or development deal. While there is no guarantee of success, without taking a chance we won‘t stand a chance.

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