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TV Infomercial | Product Marketing Video

Does your product have a need for visual demonstrations? Would you like to create a world class TV Infomercial?

BusyBoy Productions has the track record and experience to write, produce and edit channel stopping, product selling shows.

At BusyBoy Productions, we create winning Direct Response TV campaigns using proven DRTV techniques that include: problem/solution visuals, product demos, convincing testimonials, raising and overcoming objections, and creation of high perceived value.

Our team of experienced professionals will help calculate the numbers and create a powerful, compelling and irresistible offer to drive orders and leads.

Long Form DRTV Infomercial Production

Long Form 30 Minute | Diamond Package
Package Includes:

  • Full day studio shoot  (10 hours total)

  • Location shoot (capture general b-roll & testimonials – 4 hours)

  • Strategy and offer development

  • Internal call to action segment

  • Script: Thirty Minute Direct Response Commercial / Marketing / Product Video (28:50 script length)

  • Producer / Director

  • Professional lighting and audio

  • Professional hair and makeup

  • Professional voice-over

  • Professional Host/spokesperson (1 day on day 1)

  • Professional talent — 1

  • Stock footage as called in script (up 6-8 clips)

  • Full motion graphics

  • Teleprompter

  • Editing to Produce: Thirty Minute Direct Response Commercial

In recent years, longform infomercials have gained traction as an effective tool for marketers to engage with their target audiences. Longform infomercials are television commercials that typically run between 2-28 minutes in length, and they are used to educate, inform, and persuade viewers to purchase a product or service. These longer commercials offer a more indepth look at the product or service being advertised, allowing marketers to explain key features and benefits in detail.

The benefits of longform infomercials are numerous. For one, they allow marketers to tell a more compelling story about their product or service. By providing more information, marketers can draw in viewers and help them understand the value of their offering. Additionally, longform infomercials provide an opportunity to get creative with the story being told. By utilizing different visuals and audio, marketers can create a unique and engaging experience that resonates with viewers.

Furthermore, longform infomercials can help build brand awareness and loyalty. By providing more information and a deeper look at the product or service being advertised, viewers can become more familiar with the brand. This can lead to increased brand recognition and loyalty, as viewers become more familiar with the brand and the benefits it provides.

Lastly, longform infomercials can be used to generate leads. By providing viewers with the opportunity to learn more about the product or service, marketers can capture valuable contact information from interested viewers. This can be used to follow up with potential customers and nurture them towards a sale.

In conclusion, longform infomercials are a powerful tool that marketers can use to engage with their target audiences. By providing viewers with more information and a compelling story, marketers can build brand awareness and loyalty, as well as generate leads. For these reasons, longform infomercials are an invaluable tool for any marketer.

At BusyBoy Productions – Your Success is Our Success, and we promise world class TV Infomercial Production.

TV Infomercial / Product Marketing Video Special

  • Thrirty Minute Direct Response Product Marketing Video
  • Sound Stage
  • Professional Talent
  • Call for Pricing

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