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Horton – Training Video Production Company

Horton – Training Video Production Company

Training Video Production

Can’t convince your team to read another dry training manual? Are your customers hesitant to learn how to use your product or service effectively?

Training doesn’t have to be dull. Our training videos combine the important messages you need to get across with emotion, storytelling and thoughtful editing. Your audience learns more effectively when they’re engaged. And most importantly, they retain that information.

Creating an effective training video requires the right mix of script, editing, pace, tone, length, and engagement.

Video is one of the most cost-effective and measurable means of training for large and small corporations.

In addition to our full range of video production services, we also offer a full range of training video services, including:

• Retail training videos
• Sales training
• Product usage and product demo training
• Train the trainer videos
• Workforce and management communication videos
• Employee orientation
Visitor orientation training videos
• Employee safety training
• Contractor safety orientation videos
Equipment training

With over 30 years experience in video production, advertising and marketing, we have built BusyBoy Productions into one of the leading companies in Film Production. We produce Corporate Videos, Infomercials, TV Commercials, Training Videos, Television and so much more.

At BusyBoy Productions – Your Success is Our Success, and we promise world class Video Production at affordable rates.

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