Why is it important to have a visitor safety orientation video?

Visitor safety orientation videos are great for any business that may have safety threats to visitors. Often, companies will produce visitor safety videos to replace old and outdated videos with similar information. Visitors may not be aware of what it is like to work in a dangerous workplace need to pay attention to hazards while touring your facility. It is our mission to keep workplaces safe by applying safety video tactics to keep viewers engaged.

Safety orientation videos are also great for showing off your facility to current and future clients, visiting management, or   other guests, without having to lead them through the entire site.  They can experience all your site has to offer without ever leaving the board room. It can also save you money in with your insurance company. Some insurance companies offer discounts when a employee offers safety video training to their visitors and contractors.

Digital safety orientation videos can be hosted on your company website which makes it easy to track who watched, when they watched and how much of the video they watched. Some video hosting providers will allow you to lock down the video to limited viewers and even password protect it like Vimeo.

Here are some visitor safety orientation videos tips.

  1. If you’ll have to pitch this to upper management, go ahead and research which video production company you’ll want to use. Some video production companies are willing to pitch the project and benefits for you.
  2. Make sure you keep in rules that are applicable across the site. If you know your visitor will be in certain areas that have different rules it’s possible to make supplemental videos to cover those areas.
  3. Produce it the same way you would any other video. Make keeping your audience’s attention span a priority, as much as placing importance on content and accuracy.
  4.  Understand that on live equipment video production sets, more tasks must be completed to create a successful orientation video than any other type of video.
  5. Make it a professional video that shows off the quality of your company. A bad quality video doesn’t make your companies brand look good. Some video production companies can produce the a video that won’t date itself quick. Make sure that you’re working with a company that suggest things like this, because it will save your company in the long term.
  6. Save money by having employees do the acting in your visitor safety video. Most people loved to be involved in these types of company projects and it gives your employees more insight on safety in the workplace.
  7. Keep your video within a reasonable time limit. We recommend 3-5 minutes for visitor safety orientation videos and 5-10 minutes for contractor safety videos. We recommend this in order to keep your audience engaged and engagement equals safety education.