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post-video-production-editing-servicePost-production editing is at the core of our expertise, and it’s no coincidence that Producer/Director Jack Paar began his career as an actor and then moved his way through every position of television production and became an award winning post production specialist and producer.  Our in-house post production facility in Minneapolis, MN – just minutes away from downtown Minneapolis – is where our editors and graphic designers bring your creative to life.

Over the past two decades we have curated a range of creative talents – producers, directors, editors, motion graphic designers, 3D animators, audio engineers, musicians.  If it’s a video to motivate your sales force, a corporate training module, or a award winning Direct Response commercial – we have the experience and the knowledge to tailor the creative style to fit your needs.

BusyBoy Productions most valuable post-production asset is our carefully curated collection of award winning video editors, not our high-tech equipment or cutting-edge video editing software.

Our diverse team of award-winning artists and editing specialist spans the media spectrum, from feature film and documentary editors to specialists in music videos, television, movie trailers, motion graphics, animation, and corporate videos, as well as journalism, live meetings and events, experiential design, and reality TV editors.

This creative diversity allows BusyBoy to select the ideal lead editor for every project based on the project’s specific objectives, constraints, and creative aspirations.

BusyBoy provides video editing for the following types of projects:

Sound Design

  • Feature 1

Video Editing

  • Feature 1

Audio Repair


Voice Over


Color Correction


Video-Post-Production-Video-editing-color-correction-compositingOur in-house Director, Jack Paar, has led the design and execution of graphic treatments for dozens of national television broadcast clients, corporate image pieces, and web-based promotional content.  And because of our industry connections, we offer original music composition at a rate you would usually find with standard libraries.

Busyboy’s core strengths is our ability to re-purpose existing content and refresh old footage with a new graphic style and visual treatment.  When budgets are tight and brand new production is not an option, we have the experience to refresh those classic creatives and connect with new audiences.

We work in the major edit systems – Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro – so existing or new video projects can be done in-house quickly.  And we’re always experimenting with the newest software, plugins, and features – so have the best tools to tell your story.

With BusyBoy’s expert creative team, your creative reflects your brand, every step of the way.

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post-production-video-editing-green-screen-keying-audio-repairVideo Editing Services  | Green Screen Keying | Post Production | Color Correction

At Award Winning BusyBoy Productions, video editing is an art form, and like all art, it can be approached from so many different perspectives.

Give the same set of footage to a dozen accomplished editors and you’re likely to get back a dozen different videos. The choice of editor is often the most critical decision we make during the post production video process.

Our creative team of video editors has mastered storytelling in their own right— emotion and maestros of drama, sculptors of image and sound, and field generals for the rest of our post-production team—responsible for transforming video into award winning master pieces.

BusyBoy offers a full range of video editing services, including:

  • Green Screen Keying
  • Color Correction
  • Surround Sound Mixing
  • Audio Mastering
  • Video Encoding
  • Subtitles
  • Voice-Over Narration
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation
  • Sound Design
  • Title Sequences

Do you need to cut a corporate video, a movie trailer, or a behind-the-scenes documentary? Are you looking for a viral video, sizzle reel, or a trusted creative expert to handle large volume editing needs?

Call BusyBoy Productions at 651-230-4362 or visit our contact page.

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