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Safety Training Video Production

At the heart of BusyBoy Productions, is a simple drive and dedication to produce safety videos that are both creatively distinctive, commercially rewarding and very effective.

Whether it’s a handful of contractors providing services at your facility or to accommodate multiple contractors on-site during regular maintenance, providing those contract personnel with a safety orientation before they begin work at your facility is of most importance in both their and your employee’s safety. Often this critical orientation is not conducted or is not sufficient due to lack of available resources, lack of time, or simply not knowing what should be covered in such a safety orientation videos. One cost effective solution is to develop a site-specific safety orientation video and require all contract personnel or plant visitors to view the video. With today’s technology, such presentations can be viewed in a reception area or a conference room. Use of a safety orientation video with follow-up quiz, alleviates the need for personnel to become trainers and commit valuable time to personally providing a safety orientation to each contractor.

At BusyBoy Productions, we have been developing professional quality facility safety orientation videos for large corporations. While there are many video production companies providing such service, when you hire BusyBoy Productions, you are working with a award winning organization to develop your safety orientation video as opposed to a videographer with little knowledge of safety developing the content for a safety video. Our many years of providing safety training and consulting services to industry, make us qualified to know what needs to be included in your video.

Although we specialize in developing and producing safety training videos, we also have the experience and capability to produce such videos for any type of organization, visitor orientation, corporate, television, infomercials, etc. Our work includes developing Spanish versions of our videos as well as visitor safety orientation videos, which contrary to what one may think, has content that differs from a contractor orientation video.

If you wish to discuss how such a video may assist in your contractor or visitor protocols, please feel free to contact us. You will be happy you did.

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We provide the following video production services:

  • Corporate Meeting Camera Crews
  • Industrial Safety Videos
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  • Pharmaceutical Safety Videos
  • Employee Training Videos

Why HIRE BusyBoy Productions for Training Safety Video Production?

BusyBoy provides a unique training video production unlike any other company. BusyBoy can produce and edit the videos for replay in the classroom setting.

Can’t convince your team to read another boring training booklet? Are your employees hesitant to watch your training videos? Do you have an advanced system in place, to track the training video watch time when OSHA comes knocking?

Training content doesn’t have to be dry. Our training video experiences combine the important messages you need to deliver along with a compelling experience or story.

Your audience learns more effectively when they’re engaged, & most importantly, they retain that information longer.

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