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Video Production: High Quality Videos | Minneapolis MN Video Production

For the best quality video production in Minneapolis, MN, look to BusyBoy Productions to deliver you the best results in video production. We do it all—from infomercials to training videos to web video marketing to viral video campaigns to broadcast TV commercials.

We value all our clients. That’s why we start every project by listening to what your needs are. Small, medium and large businesses all turn to BusyBoy Productions when they’re looking for the highest quality video for their next marketing campaign.

At BusyBoy Productions, our talent, experience, and knowledge enable us to offer a wide range of multimedia services for all types of businesses, from corporate clients such as Cummins Diesel, Discovery Channel, ReMax, McDonalds, and Verizon, to advertising agencies like Paar Media Group and Northwoods Advertising.

We give our clients specialized attention they deserve and ensure that every detail in our work is delivered to its highest potential.

Our creative team of directors, editors, scriptwriters, and designers ensure that we’re prepared to handle your entire production. Each one of our clients gets a end result product that meets their budgetary and creative needs. BusyBoy's hands on approach helps to shape your ideas and message into an engaging visual experience. From TV commercials and marketing videos to streaming media on the web, we have the cutting-edge skills and ambitious drive to produce the results your company deserves

Corporate Videos

Promo Videos

Infomercial Videos


BusyBoy Productions provides corporate video production of the utmost quality. A five-star video production can be an excellent tool for selling any product, service, or idea. Through our variety of services, award-winning creative staff, and years of experience, you’re certain to get ...


If you own or work for a business, you NEED a video promoting your firm and your services. For an expert promotional video production, BusyBoy Productions is the first choice. Our award-winning creative team will deliver for your company every time. Small, medium, and large businesses have made Video part of their marketing strategy, reaching clients, business partners, and the ...


Our video production team has over 30 years experience in video production, advertising and marketing, and has built BusyBoy Productions into one of the leading companies in the world of Film Production, infomercials and Direct Response TV ...

Training Videos

TV Commercials

Music Videos


BusyBoy Productions offers award-winning expertise for your company’s needs. Whether you’re a large, medium, or small business, we’ll cater to all your needs and provide a smooth, informative training video. At BusyBoy Productions, we want to be certain that your employees start ...


At BusyBoy Productions, we know what it takes to create crisp, fluid commercials for a variety of formats. In the commercial video production business, it’s absolutely essential to deliver your company’s message concise and with style. We can create a stellar ...


When you’re looking for a seriously professional music video production, BusyBoy Productions. From the best sound, to a professional creative team, we offer you a complete music video that your audience will love. We’re the most trusted name in the ...

Web Videos

Reality Television Production

Event Video


If you own or work for a business, you need a web video promoting your firm and your services. A high definition web video produced with ultra-high quality cameras, lenses, and camera cranes, with a professional spokesperson and a superb set customized just for ...


BusyBoy Productions is a dynamic reality television production company that was launched by veteran entertainment guru, Jack Paar, with over 25 years in the business. We have emerged as one of the leading production companies that creates, develops and produces innovative and cutting-edge programming for all major cable and network broadcasters...


BusyBoy Productions is a professional video production company that  produces broadcast quality corporate events, public relations events, celebrity events,musical presentations,press conferences,sports marketing events, entertainment & fashion,trade show events and more...




  • Concept and Script Development
  • Storyboard Treatments
  • Location Scouting
  • Casting

  • Infomercials | TV Commercials | Training Videos
  • Corporate Videos | Music Videos | Web Videos
  • Video Production (HD, SD, 720, 1080)
  • Multi-Camera Shoots
  • Live Event Coverage
  • On-location / Studio Green Screen

  • Digital Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Color Correction
  • Audio Engineering
  • Web & DVD Encoding

At BusyBoy Productions, our clients have creative say over their production and marketing campaign while informing them of the proper steps to take. Our structured workflow makes it easy for them to preview working drafts online using our web server. We also welcome clients to visit us and sit in during the editing sessions, which enable them to oversee the progress of their project.

Within our modern-day global marketplace, businesses need every advantage to effectively promote their product, service, and message. Let us help your business or product achieve the competitive edge. BusyBoy Productions has stayed true to their work since 1997, helping businesses like yours to build your brand.

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