Infomercials/DRTV Production

Our understanding of the American consumer and our emphasis on maintaining the highest possible production value means that your TV Infomercial project has the best chance for achieving outstanding As Seen on TV Success!

We will study your product or service, help create a profitable strategy, and determine the best price points, offers and upsells to drive infomercial success.

At BusyBoy Productions we use research to target your most profitable customers, award winning creative to drive high response, and all of the latest cost saving techniques to convert response into revenue.

Direct response television success is affordable at BusyBoy Productions. Our award winning TV production packages are shot in high definition, contain all of the bells and whistles, and, simply put -- make the telephone ring and drive buyers or leads online which means money in your pockets.

Jack Paar leads our team. His team has over 30 years experience in video production, advertising and marketing, and has built BusyBoy Productions into one of the leading companies in the world of Film Production, infomercials and Direct Response TV. We recently were awarded the 2015 Telly Award for a short form infomercial we produced and directed.

At BusyBoy Productions - Your Success is Our Success, and we promise world class TV Production at affordable rates.

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Recent Projects

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Peak50 Fitness

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Kefty Home Gym - 30 Minute Infomercial


Ash by Phenix

Kefty Home Gym - ABC News

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