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Video Production Cost

Here are a few of the factors involved in the video production pricing:

  • Producer
  • Director
  • Host/Actors
  • Concept Creator/Writer
  • Camera Operator (Director of Photography – or D.P.)
  • Gaffer/Lighting
  • Sound Operator
  • Wardrobe and MUP (Make Up Person)
  • Production/Set Designer, etc.
  • Production Assistant (P.A)
  • Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Motion Graphics Animator

Video Production Equipment: Cameras, lights, sound equipment, monitors, tripods, dolly, etc.

Video Production (shooting): How many days and where/what are you shooting?

Video Pre-Production: Scripting, Story-Broads?

Video Post-Production (editing): Need just need a quick 1-day edit? Or a 10-day marathon? That could be the difference between boring and amazing! I firmly believe that the more you put into editing, the more you get out.

Graphics and Animation: One of the biggest misconceptions is the talent, time and cost that is required to make many of the stand out graphics and animation examples that clients send along as a reference for what they want to produce.

Assets: Can You provide company logo and fonts?

Distribution: Once you have a video, how are you planning on getting people to watch it, web, DVD, TV?

We are available for free consultations so contact us with any questions regarding video production costs, video production process or corporate video production projects....

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